` "Madeleine McCann" Collateral Damage - The Book of Sergey Malinka
Madeleine McCann: Collateral damage

The book

that reveals

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world-famous case!


Sergey Malinka was born in Russia and immigrated to Portugal in year 2000 in search of better life. In 2007 he with his parents was dragged into McCann saga by Portuguese police. Since then this shadow of a past event followed him for over 10 years. He attempted to live a quiet life trying to move on, getting his life together, but media frenzy kept reappearing continuing to ruin his life and possibility for a calm future. This book is about him and how something potentially insignificant as a missed phone call can changes ones life in a very unexpected way.


David S. Jones is famous as the creator of Fireman Sam’s, now an international success as a children’s TV series. He started as a Fireman, then joined Army, worked as a personal bodyguard. After 11 years serving in the London Fire and Rescue Service when he started his writing carrier. He has continued to develop as a writer over the past years, and several of his ideas have been considered for TV and film, both in the UK and America. David is a contemporary fiction writer but his latest work ‘Halo Around The Moon’ is a venture into a new genre for him.


Calm before the storm

Chapter 1

I opened my eyes and pressed snooze on my alarm clock, checked my upcoming meetings for today. I start to prepare to leave for work. On my way to the car, looking at blue Algarvian sky I caught myself smiling, thinking – how awesome that I am here. There was nothing that suggested any kind of pending troubles…

Under Arrest

Chapter 2

… approaching my car while talking to my friend about the interview that I had with Sky News, suddenly I was surrounded by several casually dressed men, they demanded my car keys and mobile phone without showing any identifying documents, just saying “We are the police.” A black car pulled up opposite me, the back door opened…

Am I dreaming?

Chapter 3

… walking in the city I entered a book store and I saw that a book about Madeleine was being promoted. I saw the author giving autographs, I bought a copy of the book and browsed through it. noticing that one of the chapters was about me. I approached the author and asked for his signature. He inquired – “Who should I make this book to?” I replyed…

Metodo 3

Chapter 4

… tired of hiding from the constant media hounding I went to stay the night my friends house. In the morning I recalled weird phone call and wanted to check the number, when I open my phone I saw 72 missed calls from my parents. Obviously worried I called my father – “What happened?” He said…

On the edge

Chapter 5

… from the top of the ocean cliff I looked out across the magnificent ocean. I took another gulp from the bottle, not tasting anything, but seeing vast expanse of water just one step away. A feeling of inevitability overwhelmed me. It would be so easy to take one little step forward and join this amazing peacefulness, that would resolve my sorrow and eliminate the pain, making everything quiet and calm again. I stepped forward …


Chapter 6

… I resolved to augment my courage and decided, that she must hear my story from me. I knew that it could destroy our relation, I said to her –“Enter my name on the internet search.” After doing that she saw two hundred thousand links with …

The real Sherlock is here

Chapter 7

… an inspector of Scotland Yard asked me – “Can we see your new apartment in Lagos?” Less than enthusiastically - I said yes, but my lawyer intervened – “We will let you see Sergey’s house only” …

New Life

Chapter 8

… returning home from work I saw small pink box on the dressing table in the hall. She was there looking at me with naïve eyes and asked me to open it. I opened the box and with tears in my eyes I saw …

Collateral damage

Chapter 9

The disappearance of Madeline McCann has now entered it’s tenth year and yet still there are no conclusive leads to what happened on that night. The impact of this event has had a far wider influence on a much larger community. The village of Praia-da-Luz has become synonymous with the event and has suffered hugely from destructive media fallout. Many peoples lives and employment have become tarnished by the untruths that have been concocted by the media in order to sell newspapers and magazines without consideration for innocent people who might be mentally or financially wounded in the process.

10. Aftermath

Chapter 10

… I could never have imagined, that something as simple as one missed phone call could have such a profound impact upon so many lives. That the price for the mistakes of others could be this high. Anyone could be in my place, but this story is about me. I am writing these words to describe what I have been through, to clear my name in the hope that my story might reach the conscience in others. I have faith that decency and understanding still exists under the layers of personal agenda’s and greed that has cloaked the past years.



Madeleine McCann: Collateral Damage

Madeleine McCann: Collateral Damage - The Book of Sergey Malinka

Sergey Malinka, about my book

Madeleine McCann: Collateral Damage

Devid S. Johnes, about the book

Madeleine McCann: Collateral Damage

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